Pendulum System WLS/WRS

JC-WLS/WRS welding oscillators are subdivided in linear and angle oscillators. They use a rack and pinion drive with linear guidance and screw drive. The load capacity is 5 kg. These oscillators are predominantly used for TIG, MAG and CO2. They are equipped with a precision micro motor and potentiometer which in turn are equipped with a CPU control.



- Small, lightweight and easy to handle.
- Speed, oscillating width and pause times for left, right and center are adjustable.
- Torch returns automatically to the center after stop. 
- High oscillations can be compensated easily.


ModelLinear oscillator JC-WLSAngle- scillator JC-WRS
Supply voltage AC 95 to 250V, 59 HZ, 1-phase AC 95 to 250V, 59 HZ, 1-phase
Operation Gear rack drive Screw drive
Speed 0 to 2300 mm/min 0 to 5 rpm or 30°/sec
Center adjustment +- 5 mm +- 3°
Oscillating width 0 up to 25 mm
Cw / ccw dwell time 0 to 2 sec. 0 to 2 sec.
Control JC-WS JC-WS
Weight 1,9 kg 1.8 kg
Item no. 72201215 72201220

Size (LxWxH) in mm 120 x 175 x 75
Weight 2,9 kg
Item no 72201225