Motor-driven Welding Mast TE-120

For challenging welding jobs
You will reach undreamed heights with Javac welding masts without spending a fortune. Just choose a TE-manipulator from the light design series or a TEA for greatest expectations. All of Javac's manipulators are very robust, work with infinitely variable speed control and are equipped with drop protection.



- Pivoting range 180°
- Motor-driven torch position (vertical/horizontal)
- Torch holder with lever

- Easy assembly
- High stability
- Guidance via linear slide and cross slide


Scope of delivery:

1 Control unit

1 Cable remote control


Horizontal stroke 1200 mm
Horizontal speed 150 to 1500 mm/min.
Vertical stroke

1200 mm

Vertical speed 800 mm/min.
Rotation angle 90°
Rotation manually
Horizontal torch stroke 75 mm
Vertical torch stroke 75 mm
Size (LxWxH) in mm 1690 x 920 x 2048
Item no. 72111212