Manually adjustable Manipulator BS-106M

Welding can be so easy
The individual positioning of welding torches can be so easy! Welding heads and torches of up to 30 kg can be mounted on the boom head of the BS-106M. Torch holders are especially interesting for consistent circular weld seams. Combined with a turntable or a roller block, your circular weld seams will be produced without big effort.



- Pivotable through 360°
- Torch positioning via handwheel (vertically/horizontally)
- Torch mounting with lever
- Easy installation
- High stability
- Guidance via linear slide and cross slide



Trolley (item no. 91812044)

Rail, 1 meter (item no. 91812042)

Pneumatic torch stand with maintenance unit and lever (item no. 91812046)


Horizontal stroke 700 mm
Horizontal operation manually
Vertical stroke

700 mm

Vertical operation manually
Torch holder tilting angle 180°
Max. load (boom end) 30 kg
Torch tilting angle 180 °
Horizontal torch stroke 75 mm
Vertical torch stroke 75 mm
Size (LxWxH) in mm 1255 x 392 x 1500
Total weight 130 kg
Item no. 91812040